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What Sets Us Apart - Orthodontist Fort Madison and Burlington, IA

At River Ridge Orthodontics, our incredible team, from Dr. Salino-Hugg and Dr. Garrison to all our staff members, loves working with our patients. We know that orthodontic treatments involve a partnership between our patients and ourselves, partnerships that often evolve into real friendships. We look forward to coming into our practice every morning, knowing that we’ll get to see current patients and meet new ones. This opportunity, to work with so many incredible individuals and to assist them toward their goal of straight teeth and a beautiful smile, is amazingly rewarding.

Our orthodontic practice emphasizes a family-oriented approach; the minute you walk through our doors, you will be welcomed by name and invited to make yourself comfortable. We offer complimentary beverages, including juice, coffee, and cappuccino, and have all the latest magazines if you didn’t bring a book to pass the time. We want our patients and their families to feel at ease while here.

We are particularly proud of our sunny, open operatory, with large windows offering a sweeping Mississippi River view from the bluffs. Many of our patients report that they are calmed by being able to look out on the passing river during their treatments, finding the view soothing and relaxing.

Our staff is here for you: when you have questions about your orthodontic treatment, we have the answers you need. When you’re feeling a bit of trepidation, we’re here to calm your concerns. We want to develop an open dialogue with patients and families; making orthodontia work involves creating a partnership of all of us working together to develop your incredible smile.

Because we know that sometimes issues arise after hours, we are always available by phone. Patients who have finished treatment are always welcome to come in for follow-up visits, and we offer free exams in addition to family discounts, as well.

If you would like more information about our services at River Ridge Orthodontics, or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation, please call our Burlington, IA or Fort Madison, IA orthodontic offices today. We look forward to helping you develop perfect teeth for a timeless, lovely smile.